The d+ class X is high quality audio cable for Digital Vinyl System as Serato Scratch live and Traktor Scratch.
The features of d+ class X are a unit of 4 piece cables for 2 stereo channels, easy to recognize by the caving on the plug and coloring on cables, flexible cable exterior and the 19 AWG oxygen free copper of wide gauge reduces the transmission loss. It’s handy to carry around, easy to connect the cable and perfect sound quality.
All the features are designed to support the professional Laptop DJs everywhere.

Neo d+ Class X (4ch RCA Snake Cable - 1.0m)

  • STRUCTURE The unbalanced shielding wire CONDUCTOR Oxygen Free Copper 19AWG(0.18mm×30) INSULATOR Polyolefin OUTER Flex PVC PLUG RCA plug of 24K gold plated phosphor bronze PLUG BODY PVC + rubber oil THE LENGTH OF CABLE 1.2m/4ft. & 2.1m/7ft.

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