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Course Overview : 


For parents who are looking for fun activities after school or for the holidays Ages 7-14 years old, learn to mix music, basic rhythm counting, music composition Strengthen development Confidence and assertiveness Opportunity for children to increase their electronic music skills that are becoming popular throughout the world today.

Course Detail :


Duration: 2 hours per session


Price: 2,500 baht


What's Included :
  • Music rhythm count
  • Understand the basic elements of music and music rooms.
  • Learn the basics of playing Beat Matching
  • Learn the basics of playing Mixing
  • Learn the basics, keys, chords, and basic note scales.
  • Learn to play Harmonic Mixing
  • Learn how to use EQ.
  • Learn to play Effect Sound.
  • Learn to create and play music with Cue Point devices.
  • Learn to create music sets
  • Learn to attach the DJ equipment.
  • Learn how to use the application "Traktor DJ" and "Traktor Pro" software.
Note :


  • The school has a set of computers and equipment for playing DJs.

  • Parents can bring personal computers or other electronic music devices.

  • Can be used to study Children do not need to have a background in music.

  • Courses for children aged 7-14 years will be one-on-one lessons for maximum results, learning and practicing according to the topic until actually played.

  • Parents can register and pay in advance at least 7 days before the course starts.


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