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Music Producer Short Course

Course Overview : 


Short-term music course with Ableton Live10 software that combines detailed content and music making process for you to learn how to make music until the end of the Music Producing.

Course Detail :


Duration: 4 times / 3 hours

Price: 15,000 baht (All inclusive price)

What Included:


  1. Learn the fundamentals of music and various elements in music.

  2. Learn the basics of audio systems and equipment for making music.

  3. Learn how to use the Session page. View and Arrange View

  4. Learn to edit Audio and create music with Audio File or finished sound

  5. Learn the basics of keys

  6. Learn music compilation techniques

  7. Learn Warp System Mode suitable for different types of sounds


  1. Learn the basics of MIDI systems and the use of MIDI systems.

  2. Techniques for writing live drums and synthetic drums, including putting the groove to the drum.

  3. Learn how to choose drum sets and sound combinations.

  4. Learn to create bass lines and sound mixing techniques(Split the bass layer)

  5. Knowing how to create chords and making melody.

  6. Sound selection to match the genre.


  1. Learn how to prepare a room for audio recording and audio mixing.

  2. Learn how to edit the acoustic of the room and equipment.

  3. Learn to set up the device from speaker setting to Calibrate Monitor.

  4. Preparation of equipment and setup steps before recording

  5. Recording techniques for singing and other devices such as Guitar, Bass, Synth


  1. Learn to manage vocals, including EDIT and tuning vocals.

  2. Learn to balance the sound from the Lavel setting to the Pan.

  3. Learn to balance musical instruments with sound frequencies.

  4. EQ usage, adding design, repairing sound and balance, sound

  5. Learn to control dynamic sound with Compresser.

  6. Send / Return system Effect Reverb usage

  7. Basics of how to make Mastering music to match the platform that we will release music.

Note :
  • Students do not need to have a background in music.

  • Study in groups of no more than 6 people. Open the course, there are more than 4 students.

  • Must register and pay in advance at least 7 days before the course starts.


Equipment Need:

  • Computer Mac or PC

  • Ableton Live10 Trail Version Software Free for 30 Days

  • Notebook and USB Drive to Save Jobs

  • Prepare questions that you want to know every time you study.

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